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Managed Services: Battery Test & Replace™

Critical mobile communications save lives. Mobile communications rely on batteries.

For over 15 years GTS has provided mobile power solutions to public safety, military and government organizations just like yours. Today we would like to introduce you to a ground-breaking, free service that would allow you to:

  • Increase LMR Reliability
  • Save Service Time
  • Enhance Understanding and Planning

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How can we do this?

Bad batteries disrupt your critical, life-saving mobile operations and, until now, it has been impossible to identify and remove them from your facilities.

Our innovative GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your team, or GTS, to easily and efficiently diagnose, remove, and replace bad batteries in a matter of seconds, at any location. It’s time to eliminate bad battery failures and increase your mobile reliability.

Case Study: Top 3 Logistics Company Reaps Big Benefits with Test & Replace™
Case Study: Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits with Test & Replace™

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