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Battery Color Coding™ for Public Safety

Two-Way radio users know at least two things about batteries: they are critical to operations and they go bad.

The passage of time, normal usage and occasional abuse all contribute to the build-up of impedance in batteries and this affects their ability to take a charge which degrades runtimes and performance. These days, public safety organizations rely on mobility for mission critical operations. And, said mobility relies on batteries. As a consequence, bad batteries cause big problems for public safety organizations. Being able to quickly identify the older batteries in a fleet can greatly enhance operations and, in fact, save lives. In recognition of this, there have been previous attempts to provide stickers on batteries to help with visualizing their age, but they have failed miserably due to the stickers wearing out, falling off, etc.

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Why Battery Color Coding™?

GTS has come up with Battery Color Coding™ which is an innovative solution featuring color-coded release tabs and/or other external battery components that do not detract from the overall appearance of the battery in the device but allow the user to quickly see the battery’s special color that identifies its age. Color coding is currently available for Harris P5300/5400/7300/XG and Motorola APX only.

Each year, a different color code will be offered (e.g., light gray release tabs for 2017, blue release tabs for 2018, etc.) so that the age of the battery can be determined with a quick glance. It is a simple, but powerful way to keep track of your mobile power inventory and focus your validation and replacement efforts on the batteries most likely to fail.

The simple process of buying and replacing color-coded mobile batteries will:

  • Streamline battery management and save man hours of inventory and testing procedures.
  • Provide instant recognition of older batteries thereby enabling faster problem diagnosis.
  • Keep a higher percentage of reliable batteries in service to ensure successful communications when needed most.
See How GTS Works with Public Safety

With GTS, we now have a product that has solved our longevity issue dealing with batteries. Since deploying GTS on the streets the complaints about radios not lasting have stopped.”

Sgt. Gabe Trevino
San Antonio Police Department

We knew GTS manufactures a quality product, having used some GTS NEOCELL batteries for the past two years. The key for us was getting rid of the chirp in our deputies’ ears as their batteries were dying 8 or 9 hours into their 12-hour shifts. Deputies were pleased to be getting a new battery that weighs about half as much as their old ones and allows them to get through two 12-hour shifts without recharging.”

Major Hank Bosworth
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Your batteries have made our portables more functional in the field, and I will not send a new unit to the field without a GTS battery. I believe a non-functional radio is a greater officer safety issue than a non-functional firearm.”

Sgt. Bradley Smith
Radio Program Manager
Nevada Highway Patrol Division

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