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Test & Replace™ App

Congratulations on Receiving Your New GTS Tester

You can begin cutting costs in minutes! Now you just have to download our Mobile App…

*Mobile app download for smart phones and tablets only. Must have a minimum system requirement of 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or above for Android, or iOS version 8.0 or above for iPhone.

GTS Test & Replace Technical Support: +1 (866) 851-9784
GTS Sales Support/Inquiries: +1 (800) 267-2711
GTS Test & Replace Support Email:

In less than half of one employee’s shift, per year, per site, you will begin dramatically cutting costs and increasing workplace productivity!

For over 15 years GTS has provided mobile power solutions to organizations just like yours. Today you’ve taken the first steps into this ground-breaking, free service that will allow you to:

  • Immediately Cut Labor Costs
  • Immediately Cut Battery Costs
  • Immediately Cut Service Agreement Costs

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