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Battery Color Coding™

Bad batteries clog-up your mobile operations with excessive costs and staff downtime, and, until now, it has been impossible to identify and remove them from your facilities. But GTS has a new service that can cut your mobility spending!

For nearly two decades we’ve provided mobile power solutions to organizations just like yours. Today we would like to introduce you to Battery Color Coding™, which will allow you to:

  • Cut Labor Costs
  • Cut Battery Costs
  • Cut Service Agreement Costs

GTS is unlike most mobile battery and charger companies because not only do we offer mobile products, but we also create, innovate, and manufacture them ourselves too. As a third party aftermarket manufacturer we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating industry-needed products both quickly and affordably for our customers.

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Why Battery Color Coding™?

A Top 10 US Retail client of ours was losing customers and wasting money because their mobile device batteries kept failing. So GTS stepped in and found a simple, cost-effective way for them to easily identify their mobile device batteries’ age and warranty status so they’d never again have a device issue due to a bad battery.

Instead of the traditional black batteries they were used to, we made their device batteries in BLUE. That way they could:

  • Easily distinguish the aging of their battery population
  • Quickly determine the warranty status of their batteries
  • Identify, replace, and recycle the old batteries swiftly and efficiently

As the above image depicts, this Battery Color Coding™ service works like this: a client may choose to buy blue batteries in Year 1, orange batteries in Year 2, pink batteries in Year 3, and so on. The best part? There are no additional costs for the colored batteries and we’re willing to do this for any GTS battery you need.

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There are so many steps to getting one piece of anything from start to finish in the supply chain. It’s a very complex environment,” says Hutchins. “That 10-minute loss of time that’s so easy to imagine could mean a pallet doesn’t ship, and that’s what DCs are all about—getting products to stores and customers.” That’s to say nothing of the inherent value of extended battery life in the devices that make your supply chain hum. For Tractor Supply, keeping those devices in service with an active battery management plan benefits stakeholders across the spectrum, from customers to store managers to the DC associates who use them.

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Matt Pillar, Senior Executive Editor, Innovative Retail Technologies