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Batteries as a Service – BaaS

Bad Batteries Cause BIG Problems.

Although mobile device batteries may not be top of mind when it comes to your business, they can wreak havoc for your staff, customers, and bottom line if they’re not addressed.

Batteries don’t last forever and, over time, they lose the ability to hold a full charge. The tricky part? Trying to identify the good batteries from the bad. They all look the same, and therefore typically remain in the inventory pool.

When bad batteries are mixed into the fleet and put into the mobile devices that keep your company going these are just a few of the complications they can create:

  • Overstocking Batteries – in an attempt to overcompensate for the bad batteries your staff keeps coming across, you invest in more batteries. However, this is simply a Band-Aid on the bigger issue, which is that the bad batteries are still stuck in the rotation!
  • Mid-Shift Failures – going back and forth to replace a battery that didn’t make it the full shift creates a lot of employee downtime and productivity loss. And, if a customer is waiting for assistance, that leads to a poor overall customer experience.
  • Sending in Devices for Repair – more often than not when a mobile device isn’t working properly it tends to be a bad battery problem. However, devices get frequently sent in for costly repairs and evaluations due to “failures” that aren’t a device problem at all! Repair requests and help desk calls rack-up fees and after all that the devices return to the company with a result of NTF (no trouble found).
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Never Buy a Battery Again!

Leave Battery Management to the Experts.

Here at GTS we eat, sleep, and breathe mobile device batteries, chargers, and solution service innovations. We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your mobile device batteries so that they run longer and better than ever before. We understand that you’re busy and mobile power management can feel like a daunting task. So let us manage your mobile device battery power needs, so that you can focus on your core operations, and never worry about bad batteries or buying another mobile battery again!

For a flat, monthly fee, GTS will ensure that all of your mobile device batteries are working optimally and we will automatically replace and recycle the bad ones when necessary.

Enjoy a fixed, monthly Operational Expense versus buying batteries, ad hoc, out of an ever-changing Capital Expense budget.

By allowing GTS to handle your mobile device power you’ll eliminate:

  • inventory tracking
  • budget forecasting
  • warranty tracking
  • procurement planning
  • loss of productivity
  • recycling distractions

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Organizations running mobile devices must put in place a Mobile Power Management Plan.”

Uncontrolled Costs Lurking in Your Mobile Devices
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 All GTS Managed Services Include Free Recycling