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Don’t let battery failure put your mission at risk

Federal Agents Depend on Mobile Power

Federal agents depend on Land Mobile Radio (LMR) portables to complete critical tasks. Theses radios are only as good as the batteries that power them. However, in large federal agencies it is nearly impossible to consistently obtain data on good vs. bad batteries. Because of this lack of visibility, unhealthy batteries are causing increased device failures, disrupted communications, higher service costs and increased risks.

Research shows that in an average agency, over 60% of all batteries in the hands of agents are unreliable. As a result, nearly every agent experiences an unexpected drop in power stopping critical communications and data flow – sometimes two to three times a shift. Additionally, field offices experience high service call volumes, repair tickets and service costs.

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GTS On-site Service Removes Unhealthy Batteries

GTS recognizes this problem and offers products and services that ensure Federal Agencies have the highest performing power available 24/7 to keep their two-way LMRs running and their missions secure.

Through unique on-site testing services, GTS identifies good vs. bad batteries, removes and replaces them and ensures the latest battery technology is being used.

GTS Advantages

GTS products and services provide Federal Agencies with:

  • A constant state of readiness for increased reliability
  • Full accountability of assets and a comprehensive inventory of batteries
  • Increased efficiencies and decreased radio maintenance costs
  • Advanced battery technologies for improved performance

With agents depending on devices to stay connected, don’t let batteries be a weak link. GTS can stop the confusion, lack of control and security gaps.

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