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GTS Launches NEW Technology that Solves Retailers’ Mobile Battery Life Problems

Availability of GTS Mobile App and Bluetooth Tester enable easy battery testing by anyone, anywhere

Release date: January 13, 2016

Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS) introduces the only technology designed to address the battery life problems that plague retailers. This all-new battery testing solution leverages proprietary Bluetooth testers paired with a smartphone app and rapidly tests mobile device batteries in the field.

With the release of this new cloud-based app and rapid field tester, battery testing can easily be conducted by a company’s own personnel, third party technicians or by GTS. Now stores can get the bad batteries out and keep the good batteries in, without lifting a finger.

Peter Bain, Test & Replace® Program Manager at GTS, explains, “This app will be a game changer. We had a lot of success with the Test & Replace® program in the last three years with our customers, but the fact that this app can integrate seamlessly into any service model will open many more doors. It no longer matters how many devices a customer has, who their service provider is, or how geographically spread out they are. We can equip any technician with this technology and batteries can be tested efficiently anywhere, anytime, with all the data captured. It really is turn-key.”

The tester will be on display at the National Retail Federations BIG SHOW next week. To learn more about the GTS Test & Replace® program and how the new app and tester make it easier than ever, visit

Founded in 2000, Global Technology Systems is the leading expert in mobile power solutions. GTS has a long history of designing high-performance batteries and chargers in addition to providing power management services. GTS products and services increase workforce productivity while significantly decreasing the costs related to mobile device operation.